Attention: Internet-Network Marketers, Female Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners & Service Providers

From: Skye King

Dear Friend,

The Maven Attractor Manifesto Is Your Blueprint To Online Freedom

Have you have been struggling to figure out how to make it online? Build your business, generate leads and pull in qualified clients and have not had success? Have you been promised lots by your company and receive little by so called, 'experts'? I have personally seen way too many innocent and vulnerable men and women who place their trust in a system, a company or a person to deliver the goods and none come.

That is how the Maven Attractor Manifesto was born, from the sheer absurdity and ignorace of so many people willing to give up their hard earned income to someone who promised them the world. I want to share a secret with you, making money online is simple, the first thing that you must understand is that your mindset in creating a lucrative income and home based business is one of the first places you have to start. You can blindly walk into a business and make money but it will not last, you have to be able to handle what is coming in, that is why the Maven Attractor works so perfectly because of it's age old secrets to building a lucrative & fun company have worked for the worlds greatest and most wealthies leaders around.

What I am about to share with you created a quantum leap in my business and life and now I am about to share those same steps with you.Imagine being able to close 45% of all leads generated and have clients booking prior to having a conversation with you via the internet so all you do is book the actual appointment and do what you love the most, the actual process of producing the results your business offers.(I personally end up closing over 96% of all incoming calls)

John Assaraf From "The Secret" and Skye in La Jolla, California
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Here's the deal: for the last 18 months, my team and I have been researching the latest technologies in mind/body/ancient brain sciences and we have discovered the exact principles that create the 'zero to hero' mindset. If you have a desire to take what you love and are passionate about and bring it to the world in a big way, you are going to LOVE The Maven Attractor, it's taking a Quantum Leap from where you are now, to where you truly want to be not only in business, but in your life: your finances, your relationships, your career choices and your decisions.

In The Maven Attractor Manifesto you will:

Get clear, organized and focused on why you choose to be an entrepreneur, have a home based business, be of service to the world, etc.

The Maven Attractor will aid you in determining your outcomes and results by following an easy 3 step process.

We will show you how to create 1-2 profiles of your perfect clients and bring them to you. Then you can stop chasing people to buy something from you that they don't want to buy. (Maven Marketing)

Mind mapping your next 3-5 years, yes this might sound scary and weird to most-but believe me, I NEVER had more than a 3 month plan and when I met the Maven Attractor wow, I set out on a 7 year plan! Huge leap! I have to tell you it is well worth the time and effort to lay it out in a way that your mind understands what you are asking for.

Join Us On A Free Call Where You Will Learn The EXACT Secrets To Making A Quantum Leap In Your Business & Stop The Struggle!

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(I'd like for you to consider that this is one of those moments, a fork in the road where your entire life can change while listening to the call on Quantum Leaping & Maven Attractor)

Here are some questions to honestly ask yourself of where you are right now in your Business & Life

Are you searching for new ways to market yourself out of all the other information & eductation network marketers, coaches, holistic healers, stay at home Moms, authors and entrepreneurs who are out there marketing also and growing daily?

Want to go public, write that book that you've said you have wanted to write for years and don't know how?

Frustrated by the lack of support from family and friends in believing in your dreams and never giving you the credit you feel you are worth & deserve?

Tired of not being recognized for your unique gifts and talents while working a 'job' and knowing you should be living a lifestyle much different than you currently are?

Do you want to be the expert in your field and you just don't know how to do it, feeling overwhelmed every time you make the effort?

Is your business stuck in the same place as it was last year and you feel sabotaged by not moving forward or expanding your client base?

Are you ready to take the quantum leap to your success and stop watching others gather momentum when your energy is being sucked dry by the continuous push-pull or I may or may not make it in this industry?

I've had enough of watching people suffer in their business, profession and creative pursuits not knowing how to create a lifestyle of their dreams and create self-sabotoging road blocks to their success instead!

It's time to stop doing it alone! Without the support, the expertise, without the marketing 'know how,' your business will stay where it is, or stop you dead in your tracks from moving forward from fear of failure. Most people fail to attain their true purpose due to lack of resources and a group of like-minded people to support their growth. The Maven Attractor Manifesto is here to show you a whole new perspective on how to explode your business in so many ways that you have never dreamed of, AND with a group of inspiring entreprenurs who are looking for the EXACT same benefits as you are!

Are you ready to know what your true purpose is and share it with the world?

Tired of playing small so other people are not offended or challenged by your greatness and personal power? (Too many people do this! They play small so other people do not feel insecure) Are you ready to learn how to bring your ideal clients to you?

Ready to ceate financial abundance and get paid in equal amounts to what your service is really worth?

"Ready For A Personal, Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Transformation that is going to ROCK your Business!?"


It's Time To Shine!
Skye King
The Maven Attractor

P.S: One thing that you should be aware of is that when you have the blueprint- it does not matter what your service, products or sales you are in, -you WILL always Attract Your Ideal Clients when you follow this simple formula. I have created 150 Manuals and today there are only 78 50 of these copies left and when they are gone, they are finished. I want to make sure you get a copy and not miss out of receiving possibly one of the most important tools in your business career. Put your email and info above and we will send you the info to jump onto our call where you can begin to be a Maven Attractor Marketer. (We will send you a link to get your Manifesto)

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