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"Seeking Heart Centered Entrepreneurs: Service Providers, Holistic Practitioners, Authors, Coaches, Speakers and Teachers-Healers-AnyoneWho Wants To Get Their Message Out To The World & Make Huge Amounts of Money Doing What You Love - By Following The Maven Attractor Manifesto."

Lost In A Field Of Too Many Things To Do, Opportunities, Tele-Summits, Free Online Courses, Free Ebooks, Etc, Etc...It All Leads To Information Overload! & Keeps You Stuck!


From: Skye King

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I understand you want to make a huge difference in your world and to the lives of others, that you're passionate about what you do and you know the benefits of what you offer. So why is it that not everyone knows how great you are or how great your services or products are? There are two main reasons: #1 you don't know how to market to your ideal prospect-client. #2 you don't understand the science behind magnetically attracting your future client to come to you pretty effortlessly on your part.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why don't I know this, I've taken tons of courses, trained with top gurus and I'm passionate about what I do?"

Most people spend thousands of dollars of training, coaching, going to seminars and conferences where you get all pumped up, you become inspired and then WHAM! they sizzle away usually within two weeks after you leave the high momentum, the enthusiasm of a group of like-minded individuals who are seeking the same thing: support, success and tangible and measurable results.

This Manifesto is going to explain to you the exact breakdown and step by step delivery of why this happens and how to make it work for you every day. When you plug into the Maven Attractor you will be provided with a paint-by-number blueprint of blueprints during your 7 week Online Training Course to catapult you to Maven Status and most likely double or triple your income, and giving you a whole new outlook and spark to your business and life.(We all need that!) You'll discover for the very first time, HOW to use scientific principles to effectively produce results.. Pretty sweet!

The Maven Attractor Manifesto Will Show You How To Create Quantum Leaps In Your Life & Business!

Quantum Leaps are available for everyone, no matter what age, financial bracket or geographic location. Quantum leaps are truly based on the

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To Your Success,
Skye King
Maven Attractor
Maven Attractor Manifesto


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